October 13, 2010
Reality TV Tolerates Child Abuse
IconWhether you call it "reality," or "actuality," it makes for "trash" television on purpose. Matt Philbin, managing editor of the Culture and Media Institute says: "Reality television plays to people's worst instincts and depends on people behaving badly, manipulating others, lying and violence." In my opinion, that's putting it mildly. Reality TV is the disgusting intent to make money by catering to the lowest qualities in human beings:  being entertained by death, evil, mayhem, cruelty, and downright stupidity. MTV's contribution to the waste of the airwaves, Teen Mom (which, by the way, targets down to 12 year olds) shows Amber Portwood violently kicked, punched, and slapped by her on-again/off-again fiancÚ, and the father of her illegitimate and most unlucky child.  She responds with a vulgar tirade - all in front of the child - and the cameras roll...and the cameras roll.   Nobody thinks of this as child abuse?  I do. Upon viewing that video, authorities from Child Protective Services should have taken that child into protective custody and attempted to terminate their parental (and I use that term loosely) rights. In season 2 of E!'s "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami," Fox News reports "Terrified new mom Kourtney was seen cowering and locking herself in a room with their then five-month old, as Scott Disick litters the floor with broken glass amid a violent alcohol-involved tirade." Grossly bad behavior these days is fodder for a TV show, with fame, fortune, nice cars, and a fabulous lifestyle as a reward. I demand to know, considering there is video evidence, why Child Protective Services in neither case has taken the child away from each of these unfit mothers?  I'm not an attorney, but I believe this is criminal activity and I know it's psychologically abusive to the children, as well as downright dangerous to them. We don't seem to have come far from the Christians/lions and gladiators as entertainment. Blood, violence, fury, danger, vulgar displays - these form the core of the TV shows we see now.  I long for the good old days.

Posted by Staff at 1:41 PM