The Progressive Feminist
May 24, 2013
The Progressive Feminist


Dr Laura,

I have come to the following conclusions based on THE many calls you receive. Feminists will hate it, but the truth often hurts.

This is the way feminists believe females should approach life:

1. Get an education and start a career.
2. Get married to a man who wants you to work, and buy a house with two incomes so you can have things.
3. When children come along, abandon them to day care.
4. Be proud of your additional possessions -- your children.
5. If you make more money than your husband, make him a stay-at-home Dad, which emasculates him and he may  turn to drugs and other women.
6. Begin to disrespect your husband who is not being a provider, has strayed, and is addicted.
7. After you have had all the children you want, dispose of the needed sperm donor and connect with a new stud to help you raise your children. They are now your children since you put their father out to pasture.
8. Have a child or two with the new sperm donor.
9. Call Dr Laura because of the mess you have made of your family.
10. Follow Dr Laura's recommendations.


Posted by Staff at 12:49 PM