Keeping My Virtue
November 29, 2017
Keeping My Virtue

I first heard your radio show when I was fifteen.  I was not allowed to date until I was 16, so I used that year to form more completely what I wanted from potential suitors.  I decided to mention right from the start that I was a virgin and planned to remain one until I was married.  To my surprise, not a single boy ran from me nor pressured me as our relationship progressed.  

When I did meet my husband at 21, we were co-boarders in a house off-campus.  Once I realized this might become more, I moved out to remove myself from temptation.  We had a year of friendship and two years of dating before we married, with my virginity intact.  Those first years were sexually challenging for us because I struggled from saying "no" to myself and men to having permission to go wild.  It took seven years and two babies before our intimacy finally began to progress.  The loving support of my husband helped me to open up to him about my insecurities surrounding sex.  Though hard at first, that trust took our marriage to the next level.

We've now been married 16 years, have four kids and have the best sex of our lives.  We're not as agile as we once were, but the quality of our lovemaking has helped to increase the quantity as well.  My husband and I are living out our fantasies on each other, and he runs to get home to me at the end of each work day.  Our kids tell their friends how in love their parents are and encourage us to mark "date nights" on the calendar.  My story is a testament to how life can be if you establish boundaries for yourself before "real men" even enter the picture.  I am thankful that I stumbled upon your radio show 25 years ago.


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM