A Number Doesn't Define You ...You Do!
April 12, 2017
A Number Doesn't Define You ...You Do!

By Diane Danvers Simmons  

What is it with age ladies? I feel the same as I did in my 20's, younger than my 30's and just catching up to my 40's, as I stride through life happy in my yoga toned body and a fine pair stilettos. I don't feel the need to admit my age or even "act" my age ...whatever that means. With all of my confidence intact, I even celebrated 50 as the big 0, hoping people would presume I meant 40, or even 30 in perfect light. It wasn't until I was on celebration number 4 in England that I discovered everyone thought I meant the big Orgasm ... no wonder everyone wanted to join in the celebration!

''Aging is out of your control, How you handle it though, is in your hands" Quoted by; Diane Von Furstenberg  ...at 69, she's gorgeous, smart, stylish, strong and creator of one of my favorites and perfect at any age ... the Wrap dress!  

Thank god for 2016, as more gorgeous women inside and out such as Halle Berry turn 50, Susan Sarandon 70, Julianne Moore 56, to name a few. All are example's of women whose spirits and energy seem to shine brighter with each year as they take on new roles and expand their horizons.In our age obsessed world it's so refreshing to see these beautiful accomplished women adorning our screens, stages, magazines, social media and most importantly making a difference.

What do all of these women have in common, besides admirers galore, a great pair of shoes and their own undeniable style? 

First off, we all know the physical guidelines for a healthy life: eat healthy natural food, drink lots of water, exercise, get a good nights sleep and don't smoke ...

What I'm referring to however is a much deeper resource that we all have at our finger-tips and total control over. The secret ingredient which keeps us luminous and youthful, is from within. Spiritual bliss is timeless, ageless and priceless ... just like you.

The celebs I referred to do not let age define them. They know who they are and aren't ashamed to OWN IT.

None of them have tried to fit into a box. They each have and continue to live in their own truth and style ...whether it's Halle Berry feeling blessed turning 50 and honoring her stunning body clothed in sheer white lace, or Susan Sarandon's fierce independence and activism, or Julianne Moore's silky red locks, luminous green eyes, grace, and humor.

They're not only attractive because of how they've nourished their skin and bodies, they are conscious women who draw upon their god given talent and energy to be all they can be. They've embraced the phases of modern womanhood, nurturing their careers, relationships and immersing themselves in the gift of motherhood, while becoming activists for issues and causes bigger than themselves. 

Here are three of the pillars to a vibrant youthful existence at any age: 

  • Perception is Reality.
    The true essence of youth and beauty: is mind,and spirit working in unity, enabling you to approach life as whole being rather than a fragmented, frustrated one. Because you are what you think, feel and do... if you think your old- you are, if you feel old- you are and If you act old -you are.

    Don't limit yourself because of a number or because you have this preconceived idea that you can't do or learn something new as you age, I learned to surf at 55!

  • Playfulness; Why should kids have all the fun?
    A fresh outlook, a new perspective, is how a child views the world. A youthful point of view isn't stuck in what should be, but open to what can be. Youthful is playful, what's more endearing than someone who's playful, with infinite wisdom and is flexible not just because they do yoga, but because they are willing to take a few risks and be spontaneous. A curious, enthusiastic spirit and mind that's open to new possibilities with child like wonder IS BETTER THAN ANY YOUTH PILL!

  • Purpose is Connection; Connection to your true sprit and what you came here to do, through the people you love and to something bigger than yourself.
    Doing things for good feels good, and is good for you because each of us wants to feel relevant, useful and needed in this world. Share your unique talents, your wealth of knowledge and life experience to make a difference in the world. Having real meaning in your life is what really makes us happy.

    Stay connected to life long friends and family but also be open to new relationships of every age, race, and color. And no, Facebook is not a substitute for human contact, a touch or a smile.

    Ultimately, Shift your mindset to one of gratitude for this blessing called life at every age. With an open heart and mind, a little give and take, love and compassion for self and others, an undeniable faith in who you are and what you came here to do, you pretty much have the keys to a vibrant, sassy life worth living!

Diane Danvers-Simmons
 is a passionate, visionary global citizen who wakes up each day crafting programs and solutions to inspire women to embrace their core values and live life by their own definition with wit & wisdom. With this motivation, she founded and continues to drive her own company, Own it, Feel it, Live it. Through inspired Spirituality in Stilettos programming, uplifting Made by Survivors jewelry production of her own design, impactful documentaries, and purposeful speaking engagements, Diane works each day to create experiences and brands to raise awareness, uplift souls, inspire action, empower and connect people from all walks of life on one universal journey for a brighter, more enlightened future. For more information visit www.ownitfeelitliveit.com.Permission granted for use on DrLaura.com. 

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