Full-circle Surgery?
September 5, 2012
Full-circle Surgery?

In only about one month, I have experienced a full-circle moment. I called about a month ago... I am Anna and you reminded me to not 'dis God' by staying overwhelmed. After our call, I first admitted I was drowning in the life I love, asked for help from my mom, husband and friends.

I was amazed at how little changes made a big impact. I learned that being a bit selfish is healthy. I learned to put myself at the top of my own list more. I CAN handle a lot, but SHOULD I? I am so glad I learned this lesson as very soon after our call, I had a major falling out with my best friend (her issues not mine), and I started having mysterious abdomen pains that kept getting worse.

Turns out my problem was partly physical, I had gallbladder removal surgery a few days ago. However, had I not fixed my head and emotions by starting to take time for myself, I would have never listened to my body and been assertive in getting the mysterious pain fixed.

I couldn't have predicted that surgery would be in my path. However, I thank you for getting my head straight so I could get my body straight. I'm fixed, for now, ready to take on life much healthier than when I began.

Much thanks,


Posted by Staff at 11:31 AM