Carol's Baby Blanket Reward
February 23, 2012
Carol's Baby Blanket Reward

UPDATE: Photos of Carol, her daughter and granddaughter:

Carol called in September needing help for her intense fear of leaving her home (agoraphobia) as she was missing out on her family.  She had a daughter in Holland who was pregnant and due in January.  Her agoraphobia also prohibited from getting a plane.

I made a deal with her that if she went into specialized counseling for this issue, I would knit a yellow baby blanket for her grandchild.  (Listen to Carol's call.)

Carol left us a voicemail recently to let us know the baby girl was born and she has booked tickets to go to Holland to meet her.  She sent in her itinerary, including her seat number!  This blanket is the "reward" for "Carol" in CT and since she's leaving soon - it's going in the mail today. 

I am so proud of her.

I machine knitted the blanket with cotton/acrylic yarn.  It is a fancy tuck stitch with needles "out of work" to create lattice effect.  My friend, Martha, hand-crocheted the beautiful edging because I have no experience with crochet and she is the "queen" of crochet!   She worked the edge while in bed recovering from three breaks in the bones above her foot - a good distraction!

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