February 17, 2009
Say "No" to Day Orphanages
Say "No" to Day Orphanages

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. You've heard me many times, and probably many of you have gotten annoyed hearing this, that I call child care centers sort of day orphanages. Well, why do I do that? I guess I've never been convinced that hired help was equal to, much less superior to, the loving attention and nurturing from a mommy and/or a daddy. So I want you to hear this from a child care worker.

"Hi, Dr. Laura. I don't get to listen to you very often [jokingly sobs] because I work at a child care center during the days you are on the air. I just want to let your listeners know there is no replacement for mom and dad. No other person will treat, nurture, guide or give your moral values to your children better than yourselves.

I had to get a job, so I chose to work at a child care center. My lunch break was to pick up my children from school and bring them back with me. I still raised my children. Remember most or a lot of the child care workers are young with no children and no experience. We certainly don't get paid much either. I'm not saying they don't care for your child, but NO ONE can do it like mom or dad. Please get a smaller house, a less expensive car or just tone things down, so a PARENT can stay home and raise their children.

Thank you so much for always being on target
(oh, you think I'm always on target? [smiles]) with your 'Never To Be Humble' opinion. From Pam, who loves her three children."

We've heard a lot about how women are entitled to their opportunities and their power. And they should not be held back by children hanging on to their ankles while they are trying to run up the stairs of a career and self-actualization. I've been on both sides of everything now. And, I have to say, the reason I start my program each and every day with "I am my kid's mom", is that, even though he's going to be 23 soon and he's in the military and can shoot 40 bullets through the same hole at 300 meters, the most important thing I've ever done is raise him and be his mommy. And I have degrees and awards and this wonderful program where I get to try to brainwash you into doing the right thing for your family. And remember, when you die your legacy, your memory is not in your CV, it's not in your bank account, it's in the people who tell the wonderful stories about you because you meant so much, because you were actually there.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Now go do the right thing.

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