March 10, 2009
Bebe, The Wonder Dog
Bebe, The Wonder Dog

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura and this is my master, Bebe. She has taught me many tricks. She does things and I give her tidbits. That's a pretty smart dog to teach a human that. So we're going to see some of the stuff that she has taught me. [Commands] Good girl. Bebe, climb. I love this little dog. She taught me to lean back. Isn't that good?

All right, now, piècé de résistance. Ready? [Throws down dog treat] That is a snack she likes. Watch this. Good girl. [Moves snack close to Bebe] I'm going to disappear. And you can come around and see if she's going to touch that. I don't think so. Bebe, free! Good girl! What a good girl!

See, she's taught me well. She does those things and I feed her. [Laughs] Now, dogs are very smart, if you think about it. Because, we tell them to do things and they do it. They sit and bark at us and we have no clue as to what they're talking about. So I'm wondering which one has the IQ. But this is my baby...come here sweetie. [Picks up Bebe]

She is really a very sweet dog and it's sort of interesting, dogs have their habits. At eight o'clock on the button, she runs upstairs and jumps into bed. Doesn't matter if we're not there. Eight o'clock, she's on the bed. I get into bed, she snuggles with me and she doesn't snore. But if my husband moves, she growls. [Laughs] Like, "Don't bother me. I'm sleeping." [Kisses Bebe on the head] I think it's great to have a dog, especially when your one kid is away in the military and you have to have somebody to nag.

We'll see you next time. Bebe, can you say goodbye? No, she can't.

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