Barefoot and Pregnant
January 17, 2013
Barefoot and Pregnant

I'm listening to a call that reminds me of many others I have heard. The recurring topic is women thinking they have to be successful in a career to be loved by a man. I want to say I completely disagree with that. I'm 25 years old, a hard worker who would love to have an awesome career, but I have always put having a family as my priority in life.

I have been dating for years now and when I state to a man that I would be thrilled being barefoot and pregnant with my husband taking care of me someday, I get the same reaction 100% of the time. Every single guy is pleasantly surprised and excited. I swear I can see the daddy dreams floating through their heads.

Anyway, I thought some women may find this helpful. You can be smart, successful, strong, and sexy while still wanting to be there for your babies.


Posted by Staff at 3:37 PM