I'm Not Going To Waste A Second Chance
July 10, 2019
I'm Not Going To Waste A Second Chance

Hello Dr. Laura,

After about 11 years of marriage, my wife told me that she wanted a divorce and moved out. We then remarried years later. While reflecting on my relationship with her, I realized I had done many things wrong including and beginning with not treating her like the magnificent woman she is. I have been thinking about things because at this point in time, our new lease on marriage was having a hard time. We just weren't connecting like we should.

One day, I was walking back from the kitchen to the TV room when I looked at our two recliners with the table between them and thought that could be part of the problem. The next day while she was at work I took both of the recliners out of the living room. When she got home she asked what had happened. I told her I missed snuggling with her on the couch.

That night we laughed, joked and cuddled on the couch and we've been doing that ever since. Funny how two pieces of furniture could almost destroy something so beautiful. Thank you for all that you do Your wisdom is very much valued in our home. 

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM