A Marriage of Endurance and Dedication
December 16, 2011
A Marriage of Endurance and Dedication

Hello Dr. Laura,

I want to share a kind, loving, gentle story with you.

My parents will be married for 53 years in February. Over the course of my life (46 years so far), I have witnessed compassion, love and perseverance in the marriage of my parents. My mother is 84 and my father 79. My mother suffered a major heart attack 6 years ago and never fully recovered to the degree in which she gave up her driver's license voluntarily. They continue to live on their own and maintain a very comfortable lifestyle, not as in financially, but simply by being together. My siblings and I help when needed or asked, but my father is the one who has taken the lead with her home needs. (I take her to doctor appointments, shopping, anything outside the home).

Their marriage is the perfect example of endurance. Their generation was built on values, respect and commitment. I was fortunate to have learned those values from a stable home environment.

My father's dedication to my mother is unbelievable. Every morning, before he heads across the street to volunteer at the church, he prepares her breakfast. She typically eats a bowl of cereal as it is her favorite.  One morning recently, he prepared the usual cereal, toast, fruit, juice, and medication. He went into the bedroom where she was dressing for the day, kissed her goodbye and headed to church. She came out of the bedroom and found a pleasant surprise awaiting her at her place setting. On a paper plate, he had spelled out the words "I LOVE YOU" in Cheerios.

I was so moved by this story I wanted to share it with you. The gentleness and wholesomeness of their love is a guiding force to follow.

Thank you for your time,


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