Mothers Day Tea....for the Nanny?!
May 10, 2013
Mothers Day Tea....for the Nanny?!

This morning I was blessed to attend my 5-year-old daughter's Mother's Day Tea. My sweet little girl saved me a folding chair in the front row, and promptly pointed me to sit right there where we had the best view of each other. I listened while her class sang and did hand and dance motions to a couple really cute songs. They they all sat together while their teacher read a beautiful children's book that highlights the best things about mommies.

Next each child went one-by-one to the shelf where their hand-made gifts were on display. They had each decorated a flower pot, and planted real petunias in each one. Each child was called on to go get their mom's flower pot, and walk it over to their mom and give them a big hug. I was not alone or one bit embarrassed to have happy tears as my daughter handed me my pink petunias, carefully planted in an adorable pot she decorated herself.

Then I saw something that made my happy tears turn sad. My daughter's friend walked over to get her mother's flower pot. She jumped up and walked over to get her mother's gift, and walked it proudly across the room and handed it to....her NANNY.

It occurred to me that this was the only child who had never had a mother bring her to school. It has always been the nanny. Some people who don't know this family thought she was the girl's mother. I can understand and sympathize with how a schedule conflict can cause you to miss something important. Heck, I am a recovered feminist. I get it! I sat next to one mother who was literally sweating and out of breath because she had dashed over from her place of employment, laughing about how her coworkers literally pushed her out the door to head to her son's school because no mother should miss a their little one's Mother's Day Tea. There was no real tea at this tea party. Just apple juice and snacks. But it was so lovingly prepared, even the Queen of England would have approved.

As things were wrapping up, I thanked my daughter for such a special party, and her beautiful gift. I said, "Come here and get a big mama hug!!!!!" Her little friend heard me, ran away from her nanny and charged into my arms right alongside my daughter. Together they barrelled into me and hugged me so hard, I almost fell out of my chair. I hugged my daughter's friend, and said, "Oh sweetie, did you want a mama hug too?" She looked into my eyes, suddenly somber and not smiling, quietly nodded her head and said, "Yes."  Then she left with her nanny, who was holding her mother's homemade flower pot.

Dr. Laura, I don't have anything poignant of profound to end this letter. I'm just shaking my head. I'm so grateful to be my kid's mom, and that I was there today to give a child someone to hug at the Mother's Day Party besides the nanny.  Thank you for always reminding women what really matters in life.


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