Signs You're with the Wrong Person
November 7, 2016
Signs You're with the Wrong Person

Being in no relationship is always better than being in a bad one, even if there are a few pleasant moments amongst the chaos.

Here are some of the signs you’re with the wrong person:

They blame their exes for all the problems in their past relationships. It’s really important to know about someone’s dating history. Constantly blaming somebody else and never taking responsibility is a huge red flag.

They say a lot of unpleasant and hurtful things. Even if they come back later and say they didn’t mean it, don’t be fooled.

They are destructive or dangerous. If they threaten to hurt you or themselves if you ever leave them, it’s time to get away. That’s not love - that’s dependency.

They give you the silent treatment or withhold affection over small transgressions. That’s a clear sign of manipulation.

They scold, yell, or “harmlessly” slap, push, or shove.

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Posted by Staff at 11:29 AM