Giving In To Mr. Right
May 19, 2016
Giving In To Mr. Right

My daughter in law wasn't sure she ever wanted to be married. She dated but always felt something missing. Her passion was music as a singer, songwriter. When my son met her she refused his first three attempts for a date, finally gave in, but it took 2 years to convince her to marry him. 

Marriage turned out to be not only joyful but also fulfilling. They share the same values, they are able to support each other during trials and challenges. She supported him through graduate school and he encouraged her music. They were married 3 years before they were brave enough to consider parenthood. She felt conflicted about it, even though they both came from loving families and loved children. Their daughter, is the light of their lives and my daughter-inlaw is an incredible, loving mother. She is now pregnant with their second little girl.

I am privileged to be a part of their lives. My wonderful husband and I each had parents who were beautiful role models of loving marriages and we are now able to pass that legacy on to our children, and hopefully generations to come. I'm thankful for your positive influence in the lives of many and your relentless passion in defense of children.

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