New View on My Mother-in-Law
July 10, 2015
New View on My Mother-in-Law

Dear Dr Laura, 

I want to thank you for helping alter my view on my mother-in-law. 

Although my mother-in-law and I had an amicable relationship when my husband and I were first married, I always viewed her as invasive and annoying. When she would call or text my husband, I would roll my eyes and act pouty. Over the years, you have made some wonderful comments about daughter-/mother-in-law relationships. You have taught me to shift my view. She raised my husband, cares deeply for him and then I replaced her and, in a way, took him away from her. That must be very hard on her.  And now that I see it from her point of view, I have compassion and a new found respect for her. I now encourage my husband to call her more often, try to visit more and still let them carry on that mother-son relationship. It took time, but through listening to you, I have learned she is not trying to compete with me - she just wants to carry on a relationship with her son, and I would be a terrible wife to whine and nag about her constantly. 

Thank you so much for guiding me over the years, and teaching us wives how to make our hubbies happy and making our marriage wonderful.


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