I  Must Have Been Raised Wrong
October 30, 2012
I Must Have Been Raised Wrong

Dr. Laura,

I just saw this article on FoxNews.com.  Apparently it is OK to have sex on the first date - and here are the best reasons to do it.

What I found most intriguing (or depressing) was this comment from a survey: "80 percent of men said they did not see the relationship getting serious after sleeping together on the first date." Apparently when my parents raised me to believe that sex was something special, they doomed me to be in the minority.

Of course had I followed any of the crap in this article, I would not have my lovely wife (who had a chunk of carbon on her finger before we went to bed) or our kids (some days not having them might be a good thing - LOL).

Keep up the "old-fashioned" morality, people have to hear it from somewhere - obviously they aren't getting it from the media (not even Fox?!!).


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