May 13, 2010
Botox Study is Laughable
IconA recent "non-study" purported to conclude that Botoxing the muscles between your eyeballs keeps you from frowning which feeds back to keep you from feeling bad, down, or negative.In other words, if you can't frown, you can't be unhappy!This is so stupid that it makes me wonder if the Botox industry paid this guy to come out with this as a means of changing the view of Botox from "cosmetic" to "injectable" psychotherapy.You wanna be happy for the rest of your life?  Well, you can do that even if all your "emotion" muscles work, and even if you are not particularly attractive.  Anyone walking around in a deliriously joyful stupor just because they got a little plastic surgery is unbelievably superficial to start out with. A few times a year, I get my frown lines Botoxed, simply because I furrow that line deeper and deeper when I think or concentrate.  It gives the impression to others that I'm frowning, when I'm perfectly content with the universe.  Besides, a furrow that deep takes a lot of makeup to fill in that crevice, so I think of it as a cost-cutting measure too (kidding)!Right now, I'm writing this as I see the sun popping up from behind a mountain.  I am swept away by the majesty of this scene, and grateful that I am alive another day to experience this sunrise. That makes me happy.   Being happy is mostly about what you choose to take in and what you're willing to give out. Forget stupid studies about frown lines....they're meaningless against the beauty of a sunrise.

Posted by Staff at 1:09 AM