Helping Me To Make Positive Choices
August 14, 2019
Helping Me To Make Positive Choices

Thank you for helping me with my binge-eating problem.  I've heard you say that doing the right thing often feels "crappy," and I can attest to that.  I told the truth to my parents about my problem and how my dad's alcoholism affected my behavior.  He and my mom were not helpful, and I was in a dark place for a few weeks.  I decided to see a cognitive therapist and that helped tremendously, as did the support of my husband and his family.  

I've reconnected with my brother, with whom I was never really close.  He and my dad didn't get along, so being "Daddy's good little girl," I followed suit.  Our newly rekindled relationship is on a good path.

I think of food differently now.  I'm finding healthier ways to feel good, like knitting, cross-stitching and reading.  I'm sure I'll always have to fight urges to binge, but I feel more in control now.  I don't believe I would have made these positive choices in my life without you.


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM