Children Do Know When Mom Is Being Abused
February 5, 2015
Children Do Know When Mom Is Being Abused

Recently, I heard 2 calls with moms arguing with you and saying their kids don't know there is abuse going on. Thank you for what you do!! 

I was in one of those marriages and left 14 years ago.  I truly thought my babies, who were 5 and 3, had no idea. Their dad was always careful to not display anger in front of them; he would just give me a look and I knew what to expect when I put them to bed. 

When I finally got the courage to leave, I sat them down and explained we had to move to another house and daddy wouldn't be living in our house anymore.  The first thing my 5-year-old said was, "Good.  So Daddy can't yell and make you cry anymore?" Unbeknownst to me, they would get out of bed and sit outside our closed bedroom door to make sure I was okay.  I am still tear up thinking about this; I truly felt I had protected them from all of it. 

My babies are nearly grown and thankfully they are well-adjusted, sweet, giving and strong young ladies.  Thanks to your advice, I have kept them surrounded by people who love them. Also, I have used every opportunity to impress upon them that not only are you picking a husband, but a daddy for your future children. And I tell them he needs to be willing to swim through shark-infested waters for you. These were things I was never taught, so I believe I'll have some awesome son-in-laws someday. 

Thank you and please don't stop being hard on people!! Most of us were never taught to put so much weight on our decisions!  


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