When a Child Dies
April 4, 2013
When a Child Dies

Thank you for your video "Honor Her Memory." 

My husband and I lost our daughter, Tensia, last October when our son-in-law took her life then his own. Thankfully their children were with us. Now we are engulfed within the legal battle of seeking custody of our 3-year-old and 1-year-old grandsons, a daunting but needful endeavor. As over 50-yr-olds we choose to look at the situation as a mid-life-renewal. Your comment of "Don't waste what she lost" is fulfilled in the care of two little ones.

So, with God as our lead, keeping our health and strength up, and our weight down -- you have to be able to run after toddlers - we metaphorically turn back the clock. Retirement is no longer the goal; our prayers are to help these boys be self-sufficient and not obligated to care for us.

Thank you for pressing on. We'll be listening.


J. & P. --J.'s my MAN of 31 yrs, and P. is his "never going to forget her flirt" girlfriend.  We're parents of two sons, one daughter (deceased), and currently grandparents to four grandsons (two in our care).

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