My Men
January 12, 2017
My Men

Hello Dr. Laura,

A few days ago I was listening as you asked woman why she would marry a man who thought it was okay to participate in talking bad about women with his buddies. I thought about my own son. He would never do that or allow it to happen.

I thought back to when he was 17 and had started talking back to me. His father walked in as he was talking, and firmly placed him against the wall for a "talk". Thank goodness I had just listened to you earlier. You had said: "It takes a man to turn a boy into a man". so I bit my tongue and walked away as my husband turned my boy into the wonderful man he is today.

Fast forward to today, he is married and a father. He defends his wife and has her back, even when it isn't easy. Thanks for those tidbits of wisdom you have dispersed over the years that helped me allow my Man turn our son into a Man. 

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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM