Give Me Back the Energy!
January 25, 2013
Give Me Back the Energy!

Dear Dr Laura!

I'm a long time listener and fan of yours! You will never know exactly how much you impact people's lives.  I'm sure you know most of the ways you do, but here is the way you have recently ENCOURAGED ME beyond what you will ever know.

I am just beginning to recover from breast cancer.  My prognosis is good.  I had a mastectomy and am getting through chemo now. Whenever I hear of your latest plan to do things like sailing or working out or now CLIMBING MT WHITNEY???...I get sooo encouraged by your energy! I am 61 and have always been energetic and in fine shape, but during this cancer, I have been down sometimes at the idea that I may never get back to my old self - particularly since I am not young anymore! BUT YOU are my inspiration! I would never even WANT to climb a mountain.  All I want is the energy to do it.  Your energy and enthusiasm make me sob with the hope of it!

A few years ago you visited Coronado, where I live. I know because my friends and I were power walking under the bridge and passed you walking with your husband and someone else.  I was so happy to see you, I said "Hi, Dr Laura, we love you!"  You smiled sweetly back at me and said, "HI!  Thank you!" You are my dear friend, although you don't know me. Thanks for everything you do! I even like dogs now, hearing you talk of your dogs!

Love you,


Posted by Staff at 3:58 PM