Money, Money, Money...MONEY
December 11, 2019
Money, Money, Money...MONEY

After hearing you say to a caller recently that on the long list of things her husband wanted from her, bringing money home was at the bottom of that list,  I asked my husband where "bringing in money" fell on HIS list of the things he wanted from me as his wife.  He actually cocked his head to the side like a mixed-up puppy and say "Oh, that's WAY down on the list.  I really don't need you to bring home money at all."

I DO bring home money, although I work for myself and I work from home.  Sometimes, I even make more than he does.  Our children are grown and out, so he doesn't need me home any more for the kids.  At first, I was a bit shocked, but when he said he would make more money if we needed it as long as I was home for him, it was heartwarming to know.  It's the other stuff that really counts.  We are always kind to each other and tell everyone else that that's the key to our long-lasting marriage.  Thanks for teaching me to wake up in the morning and ask myself what I can do to make my man happy that he's married to ME!




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