Wonderful Ways to Love a Grandchild
June 17, 2014
Wonderful Ways to Love a Grandchild

Written By:  Judy Ford
Publisher: Listen & Live Audio

From the Press Release
Book Description:

Honoring the unique role that grandparents play, this delightfully heartwarming and down-to-earth book offers more than sixty inspiring suggestions for how you can actively participate in your grandchildren's lives, whether they live down the block or across the country. Parenting expert, Judy Ford, gives practical tips for developing your identity as a grandparent and for ways to complement and not conflict with parents. A must have for all grandparents and an important follow-up to Judy Ford's Wonderful Ways To Love A Child!

About the Author:
Judy Ford, a trained professional with heart, soul, and life experience, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is also a best-selling author, mother, friend, and some say inspirational role model. She has been studying love and relationships for over three decades specializing in love, loss, and the things that matter most.

Articles on her work have appeared in Oprah Magazine, Family Circle, Women's World, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Glamour, Woman's Day, among others. Her media appearances have included Oprah, CNN, and National Public Radio. She lives in the Seattle area, where she maintains a psychotherapy practice and keeps a regular speaking schedule. With compassion and candor, her work speaks to the heart, inspiring us to love life, to persevere through its challenges and to share our gifts with others. 


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