Why a Gap Year Might Be Good for Your Kid
December 1, 2016
Why a Gap Year Might Be Good for Your Kid

Even though less than 1 percent of kids take a year off between high school and college, the number is growing. Why do I think a gap year can be a good option for teenagers?

Just because you have the money for college doesn’t mean your child is mentally or emotionally prepared for it. People typically don’t really know what they want to major in at 18. All they care about is the independence and the party.

A gap year might give your kid more time to mature, put away money for college, or gain some valuable life experiences. Volunteering, traveling, interning, or pursuing an athletic endeavor can help your teen figure out whether he or she would like to learn something further and create opportunities for genuine self-growth.

I am a big believer that during the gap year, your child should have a job and/or do serious volunteer work in order for him or her to grow and learn respect for all sorts of things. In general, young adults who lack the discipline for a gap year probably lack the discipline for college. If they just sit on the couch and do nothing with the gap year, don’t sign them up for college the next year - you’re wasting your money.

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Posted by Staff at 1:39 PM