Learning By Example
January 29, 2018
Learning By Example

Dear Dr. Laura:

While walking through the parking lot of a popular local retail store with our nine-year-old daughter, my husband and I observed a man who was physically assaulting a woman inside a vehicle.  My husband and I are both police officers, so we quickly went into "cop mode." 
We put our daughter in our vehicle and locked the door, making sure she was within our eyesight.  I called my Sheriff's dispatch to advise them of the situation.  I approached the window of the car and advised the woman my husband and I were both cops and the Sheriff's department was on the way.  I convinced her to pull back into her parking space and wait.  In the meantime, my husband was on the passenger side attempting to explain to the man that he wasn't going anywhere.  The man began yelling at my husband and tried to get out of the car, but my husband was able to physically restrain him and get him back In the car.  That's when the Sheriff's department showed up and took over from there.

I peeked over at our daughter to make sure she was okay, and she was smiling from ear to ear and gave us a "thumb's up" because she just saw her Dad handle business and show her yet another example of what a real man does in these situations.  My man isn't afraid to help anyone in need or protect his family no matter what the cost.  He shows my daughter and me all the time how much he cares.  


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