May 13, 2010
TV Review: Fox's "Glee"
IconThere's a new TV series that debuted two weeks ago called "Glee." The title refers to a high school glee club, and that's as child-friendly as this show gets.  It should be rated "A," for Adults Only. That said, this show kept my jaw dropped for half an hour.  Every possible stereotype can be found in "Glee," and frankly, it's hilarious.  The show is an equal opportunity offender of delicate senses, and is basically politically incorrect.The Glee Club is run by a former student of the high school, Mr. Shuester, who is married to a blonde, self-centered woman who obviously never read "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands." The Glee Club consists of a nice Jewish girl, an Asian girl, a sassy, large black girl, a gay male, a boy in a wheelchair, and a brain-dimmed jock. An uber-feminist cheerleading coach/teacher loathes any attempt of the Glee Club to gain prominence and take attention and financial support away from the cheerleaders, who are known as the "Cheer-i-os."  She is vulgar and mean to the nth degree, and very funny because she's so over the top.  In talking to Mr. Shuester, she says that (as she did with her elderly mother), he should "euthanize" the glee club program.  That's a terrible thing to say!  But delivered by this actress (Jane Lynch), it's hilarious.The cheerleaders (all gorgeous, of course) also run the Celibacy Club, where they practice humping their boyfriends with balloons in between them.  If a balloon pops, an angel cries.  They espouse "teasing, but not pleasing."  It's obviously religious-based, and so religion is a bit put down by this group.The nice Jewish girl from the Glee Club sounds like someone out of Planned Parenthood - i.e., "kids are gonna do it anyway, so we might as well give 'em condoms," and (with the Glee Club) performs a very gross performance of a rap song called "Push It," with lotsa bumping and grinding.  Of course, the student "body" now wishes to join the Glee Club in droves. The guidance counselor is germ phobic and very hot for Mr. Shuester, whose wife is pretending to be pregnant.  It seems clear that Mr. Shuester is unhappy with his demanding, self-centered wife, and these two have an attraction.  However, the guidance counselor is a decent sort, and decides to date someone else, and not entertain her feelings for him.So, this program goes back and forth from anti-religion/liberal sexual values for teens to the moral considerations of not engaging in an affair with a married man. Everyone will find something offensive, but, I've got to say, it is funny.  It's on Fox, Wednesdays at 9PM Eastern/Pacific.

Posted by Staff at 1:07 AM