No Shack Ups For Us!
November 30, 2017
No Shack Ups For Us!

I've listened to you for 23 years.  We raised our kids by many of your principles and you gave me the courage to be a firm but loving Mom.  My daughter called me earlier today and said "Mom, what would you say if I told you my boyfriend gave me an engagement ring?"  I answered without hesitation, "if he's willing to swim through shark-infested waters to bring you a lemonade, then I approve."  We both laughed, but she said that he is.

Her dad and I have been married for 27 years.  I stayed home to raise them, and now she chose a young man who has a great job, no debt, his family adores her, and we have known him since he was a toddler right across the street.  They match up religiously, philosophically, and even politically.  I told both our kids years ago that if they expected us to participate or help pay for a wedding, there would be a reasonable amount of premarital counseling involved.  

My daughter is not going to shack up (which was another rule for getting our help or participation in a wedding).  I couldn't be more proud.  Thank you, Mother Laura, for teaching me how to be a good mom!  


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM