Searching For Mr. Right
July 11, 2019
Searching For Mr. Right

Dr. Laura:

I am very traditional and was lucky to grow up in a household where my parents have been married for thirty years and are still in love.  I always wanted what they have.

I was an art student and went to a school where feminism was a "thing" and many women tried to convince me not to marry!  When I was 21, I met a guy who shared common interests with me and who wanted to have a future together.  Many of my friends thought I should date many other men and not "settle," but I dated that nice guy for four years.  We've now been married for two years, and we are very happy.  

Now many of those friends are trying online dating or desperately looking for someone soon because they are approaching 30 years of age.  They're all beautiful and have had offers to date nice guys, but they keep searching for their "Mr. Right" without realizing he could be right in front of them.  Maybe I got lucky at a young age, but my advice is to go for those nice guys, because one day they will all be taken!


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