Pro Gun Ownership
October 24, 2011
Pro Gun Ownership

Dear Dr. Laura

Last evening, I received a call from my 21 year old college student daughter regarding her communication course (speech class) at a university in the San Francisco Bay area. She needed a persuasive topic for her next speech. After a minute's discussion, I came up with the perfect idea based on your show's opening topic about gun control.

It was easy to look up the statistics you quoted. Actually the Global Gun History of weapons ban came up on the first try as did the correct statistics regarding childhood deaths by gun. This provided her the beginning "hook" for her speech and starting point for research. The facts are right out there, so thank you for taking the time to tell us.

The anti-gun control issue will not be an "easy sell" in the Oakland area, but taking the non-popular view makes for a more captivating presentation as I am sure YOU are aware!

You never know how your words affect people.  Just as you did not know you were creating a speech topic, she does not know whose mind she might change.

Thanks for the homework help.

Faithful listener too many years to remember.

P.S. She was saving her anti-abortion speech for the final, which is double credit. She has given a similar speech before with great success.

Yes, between a stay a home mom, married to her dad for 33 years and your radio show on all the trips from private Christian school to home in the afternoons, we did well by this one!

Posted by Staff at 2:03 AM