Relationship Warning Signs
January 14, 2015
Relationship Warning Signs

These past 2 years, I have been free from a relationship with a psychopath. In the beginning, it was a dream come true relationship: attentiveness; caring; calling to check on me and just having much in common. Four months into the relationship, I saw the red flag. I kept thinking, why would I want to lose a gem of a guy?  Yet I chose to ignore: accusations, jealousy, wanting to know my whereabouts, etc. There were numerous break ups and each time he would cry how he loved and missed me, and begged for another chance.  And stupid me did. After arguing over some business matter he was angry that I sided with the customer and not him. Afterwards he hit me. I hit him back, left and filed charges. I feel grateful it was only a short while of time with him.  

Don't ignore the red flags! 

Thank you Dr Laura! 


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