The Gift Of Adoption
August 15, 2017
The Gift Of Adoption

As an adopted child at just 29 days old, I realize the gift my biological mother gave so that I could be placed in the arms of loving parents and a stable home environment.  I am certain my life would have been one of hard times, with a mom who had to put me in daycare so she could make enough to provide me with a roof and clothes on my back.  That is no way for a child to live.

After giving birth to my older brother, my adoptive mom had a miscarriage and then they later suffered the death of a 4-day old baby.  She was an RN and my adoptive father was a police officer, but they were put through a rigorous application process nonetheless, with extensive background checks.  That process took two long years, but the day finally came when fate placed me in THEIR arms.  My mom still says "the second she held me she knew I was hers FOREVER."

When my mom explained to me as a child that I was adopted, I remember I had this picture in my mind of a carousel of babies, and THEY CHOSE ME.  Instead of feeling abandoned, I felt special enough to be given the best life and still feel very fortunate and "chosen" and I'm 49 years old!    I grew up with a dad who was a provider, a mom who was with me every day and never put me in daycare or with anyone that did not love me.  I had an amazing childhood, and it began with a woman who wanted more for her child than she knew she was ready or capable of providing.  For that, I am forever grateful.

I wanted your listeners to hear this from an adopted child's point of view.  I never felt abandoned.  I felt chosen, loved, and most of all grateful that was given the GIFT of being placed into the arms of the most amazing parents a child could ever have.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for always fighting for what's in the best interests of children.




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