Learning Young
November 19, 2018
Learning Young

Dear Dr. Laura:

I'm a junior in high school and my mom and I are huge fans of your show.  Because I am 17 and saving for a car, my mom allows me to drive her car to work.  Every time I do that, I listen to your program, and I am so thankful I've had the opportunity to listen starting at a young age.

I've grown up in a Christian, conservative home my whole life, and I've always been told to save myself for marriage and to choose the right man, but I've never been told WHY I should do so.   Listening to you has not only taught me why waiting until marriage shows how a man will respect and commit to you, but I've also learned how to choose wisely, why I should never put my future children in daycare, and simply how to handle everyday situations by doing the right thing.

Going through life with the knowledge I've gained from listening to you ensures me that I will live a happier and less complex life.  You educate people the right way, without the nonsense of "feelings" and "emotions." Thank you!


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM