Guns in Canada
February 9, 2012
Guns in Canada

Hi Dr. Laura

Just wanted to respond regarding a caller from Friday's show from Canada saying guns aren't allowed in Canada. That is completely incorrect. Many people have guns in Canada, however, you must take a short course called CORE (Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education) and you must have an FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificate) and you must register your guns. EVERYONE in Canada is allowed to own a gun as long as you have the proper certificates in place saying you know how to safely use one. Canada is country filled with hunters, and believe me many people own several guns. For handguns you need a special permit.

There are many gun ranges and gun clubs.

You said something to the effect you wouldn't want to live in a country that didn't allow guns.  Rest assured, you can happily live here and own a gun. We'd love to have you! Canada is a great country. We just want to make sure people know how to handle their weapons. C'mon over and check us out.

Lovin' livin' in Canada.

Posted by Staff at 3:29 PM