May 13, 2010
Miss Georgia is a Peach
IconOne day after winning the title of Miss Georgia, Kristina Higgins relinquished her crown.  Was this another sex scandal or about something she said that was politically incorrect?  Was this about her perpetuating some fraud, like she was really a man, or that she'd had her whole body Botoxed?No!!  It's something that made me want to hug her to pieces.  It turns out that Ms. Higgins is a Gwinnett County school teacher, and she stepped down as Miss Georgia because she would not give up her responsibilities to the middle school children in her classes. Yes, you read that correctly. She gave up her Miss Georgia title for her children!! When the runner up found out that she would now become Miss Georgia, she dropped her plans for starting the University of Georgia Law School (where she had just been accepted) like a hot potato.I am sooooo proud of Kristina Higgins.  She is a wonderful role model of a responsible young woman.If she had no intention of serving as Miss Georgia, you might ask, wasn't it a fraud to participate at all?  Nah.  First of all, there are a lot of entrants, and any one woman's possibility of winning is small, but the whole exercise is exciting and challenging and fun.  Maybe she was debating within her soul what she would do, and when the time came, she had the right stuff to do the right thing.  No matter - somebody else gets to wear the tiara.I wish a lot of parents would take a lesson from Kristina - who is putting her kids first.  Parents across the country should do the same thing.

Posted by Staff at 1:06 AM