An App to Propose?
January 11, 2013
An App to Propose?

I saw the article about having an iPhone app to help you figure out how to propose. One thing the article mentioned was being nervous about it. I dreaded that. Most of the time, I was too nervous to even ask the girl out.  So I ended up with a girl who I felt completely comfortable with. I wasn't nervous at all. Ever. Even just before the wedding when my groomsmen left me alone to take their places, I had no cold feet.

It turns out a guy ought to be just a little nervous about the prospect of asking a girl to be his wife. He ought to feel just a little insecure about how she might answer. I should have pushed through it when I met those girls who made me nervous. But that's a lesson learned. I am still married by the way. It has worked out mostly okay. Nobody has a perfect marriage. But I think if I'd pushed through that nervous feeling with one of the girls I met earlier, I might have still been a little (or a lot) more happy with my marriage. I'd have felt more like I got the prize wife I deserved. If proposing is difficult, there might be a good reason for that.


Posted by Staff at 3:55 PM