Why You Think You Have Fallen Out of Love
March 5, 2015
Why You Think You Have Fallen Out of Love

Many people believe that the success of their marriage is determined by what their spouse says or does. 


The number one reason people "fall out of love" is because they can't sustain the butterflies, ecstasy, hysteria, and desire of the beginning of the relationship. It's not because "We don't have anything in common" or "We grew apart." Nobody "grows apart" - they stop paying attention. 

Love is not something that just happens to you. True love comes from a genuine desire to bring joy to your spouse and offer kindness and support in ways that feel loving to him or her. You obviously need a loving partner, but ultimately YOU have to own your responsibility. 

Nobody gets completed by another person because "completing" has nothing to do with it. It's all about giving, loving, and supporting.

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