Why I Fell in Love
February 14, 2013
Why I Fell in Love
Dear Dr. Laura,

I was used to boys telling me what I wanted to hear and always doing the socially expedient thing. Then along came Nick. It was obvious that he was interested in me, but he called me out on all of my feminist and liberal nonsense. He told me what he really thought about everything. I'd fume and stomp off, and then I'd find myself watching him from a distance. During these observations, I noticed how everyone would go to Nick to fix things since he's a genius with his hands. I saw him time and again do selfless acts of service. But the clincher was when we were walking down a market street with a group of friends. A homeless drunk staggered into our pathway. He was filthy and reeked. He stumbled and fell. Everyone in our group jumped aside, afraid of coming into contact with such a dirty man. But Nick's instinct was the opposite. He rushed forward and caught the poor man before he hit the pavement, preventing him from certain head trauma.

It may be cliché to say that my heart melted, but that is exactly the sensation I experienced. I found myself seeking out his company, and missing him when he wasn't around… We were married 4 years later.

Nick still tells it like it is. And I really appreciate that because he is never unkind. He is still everybody's go-to guy. And he is more selfless than ever. I pat myself on the back all the time for somehow mustering the ability to "choose wisely!"

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