A False Sense of Security
November 7, 2012
A False Sense of Security

One experience I'll never forget and hope to never top was the night I thwarted a kidnapper from taking me into his vehicle by having my 75 pound pit bull stand guard next to me - and maybe an unforeseen angel or two by my side.

My dog saved my life when I was all alone and tried to help a man whose car broke down near my house.  Yes, he came to my door with a sob story and seemed so clean cut.  I know this was a stupid thing to do, but I called AAA for him and went outside to tell him the tow truck was on the way.  It's then I realized he had other plans for me, particularly when I saw there was no license plate on his vehicle. But once he saw my big dog that changed everything.

Even to this day I worry that he will come back as the Sheriff said the man followed me home and knew I was alone. Now, I never go any place without my big dogs and forever look over my shoulder. I think woman have a false sense of security in our society - we are not equal to men, they overpower women, even those who believe they are in good shape. If you must err, err on the side of caution, and leave the helping hands to men who can take care of themselves. Thank God my son bought me that Pitty.

That is a night I will never forget - thank God, God made dogs.


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