Parents Take Charge!
December 6, 2017
Parents Take Charge!

Dr. Laura,

I would like to share a suggestion to the Father with concerns about over-correcting by taking away computer time. My four kids (13y-g, 10y-b, 8y-b, 6y-b) and I are attending therapy. Of all horrible things in the world, their biggest complaint about MOM was I take them out to do FUN STUFF instead of allowing them unlimited Playstation time. My 8yr old even shed some tears. At the moment I felt CRUSHED to hear all these complaints of what a horrible mommy I was. So, my mommy wheels are always turning... I MADE A NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE. I said, Ok I hear you, and your frustrations about THE LACK OF TIME on the Playstation, so from now on, you will earn your Playstation time. There is a posted list in the living room, of daily kiddie chores (like you suggested for the caller) that need to be done. Before bed, if all chores are done they will be compensated w/a 30 min voucher. Any additional chores done without me asking may earn each child, 10-15 min vouchers. I printed check-like looking slips of paper, and so I get my "checkbook" out and they get compensated with WEEKEND VOUCHERS for Playstation time.

EVERYONE complains about kids feeling they are owed material stuff, or being ungrateful, well... Mommies stop your whining, tighten up your mommy apron, and take charge! Seems like parents now days are afraid to hurt their kids' feelings, but they forget kids need to learn lessons at their young age.

Thank you for your show, I am THE MEAN MOMMY to my four kids, in Northern Santa Barbara County!!!


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM