College Tips From Mom
September 14, 2017
College Tips From Mom


As a mother of 2 children who have received college degrees, and as a Business Educator in a high school where I teach Career Planning, here goes my best advice:
  1. Live on Campus and get involved in the first-week activities your college provides so you get to know people. Don't room with your best friend. It will not only stop you from being best friends, but it will stop you from meeting new people! 

  2. Join a club and get involved right away! This gives you a core group of people who you can get to know well and it also gives you a greater purpose! 

  3. Sit in the front of your classes and let your professors know who you are and that you are interested in their course! They will be a great resource to you throughout your major. 

  4. Don't walk around Campus late at night by yourself. Always have someone with you! And don't be distracted with your phone when you are walking to your car or to another building!!! 

  5. NEVER put your drink down or leave it unattended. If you do, don't drink it. Don't catch a ride home with strangers and don't leave a bar or party by yourself. Surround yourself always with people who have your back! It's much safer.

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