How You Saved My Marriage
December 3, 2014
How You Saved My Marriage

This is a little long, but I thought you would enjoy this story. Just a little background, I have been happily married for 34 years. We did get married rather young, but it has worked for us. 

While I was working as an adjunct professor I had a 50 min commute. At this time, two of my girls played the violin. I knew nothing about violins but they chose their instruments. Just about every time I tuned one of the violins I broke a string. I was always going to the shop. There was a nice man, around my age that was always very helpful. As time went on, we would sort of flirt and laugh and talk a bit while I waited. One day, he asked me if I wanted to order a tuner that would help with the strings. I put the order in and he asked for my email address, of course I gave it to him. 

Because of my commute, I normally took the old truck to keep the mileage off the good cars. The radio in the truck would go on and off, so I usually kept it off and used this time to say a few words to the Good Man. On this particular day when I arrived at work and checked my email I had received an email from the gentleman in question. The email was very complimentary and forward to say the least. I have to say that I was flattered.

Now to you. I am driving home and talking to God in my old truck. I have to say, I would talk out loud because I was always alone. I was telling God about this guy. Explaining to him that I wasn't going to tell my husband because I could handle it and it really was nothing. Of course, the real reason was because I liked the feelings. I had no sooner said that when the radio comes blasting on and your voice boomed out, "If you are hiding it from your husband, then it is wrong." Then the radio cuts off. I went home and told my husband everything. Being the great man he is, he said "do you need my help?" I told him I didn't, but that he should take care of the violins from now on. 

Dr. Laura, I have told this story for years, calling it my God moment. I just thought I should give you a little credit too. Hope you enjoy it.

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