I Am an Abortion Survivor
May 22, 2014
I Am an Abortion Survivor

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am a huge fan of your show and the work you do each day to change lives and change minds. I want to compliment you on taking the politically incorrect, anti-feminist viewpoint on abortion. Most of the media either complies with the feminists in order to prevent a nasty backlash, or just sweeps the abortion issue entirely under the rug. You are one of a few who are willing to speak out against what should be an obvious injustice. Since when did killing babies become a social norm? It breaks my heart.

Thirty-two years ago, I suffered a near-death experience. My mom and dad learned they were pregnant--an event they were not emotionally ready for. My parents had 3 children already, as well as a painful loss of a child with Trisomy 18. As I'm sure you already know, Trisomy 18 is a horrific, disfiguring, and almost universally fatal genetic defect. The child who was supposed to be born a healthy baby boy, died within the first week of life. My parents were never the same. So, as you might imagine, a new high-risk pregnancy for two parents in their 40's, was not the most welcome surprise. I am sorry to say, my parents had a terrible lapse in judgment. They opted for an abortion. My mother had tears in her eyes as the procedure began, and her physician fortunately noticed her apprehensiveness. He decided to stop and told her he would not do it if she was uncertain. He instructed her to sleep on it one night and come back again the next day. That night, she lay awake. She changed her mind. My life was spared.

I am now an accomplished 31-year-old woman, a wife, mother of a 14-month-old son, and am pregnant with our second child. I am an abortion survivor. My voice is that of an unborn child, three decades later-- a voice that was nearly terminated. I am a person. I am a life that is to be valued-- no one would argue the point, looking at my life today. However, what about when I was hidden from sight, under cover of a womb, at my weakest, unable to speak, unable to express my personhood? I was still a person! I was a person the day my mom decided to abort me, I was a person the day my mom decided to keep me, I was a person on the day my mom had her first ultrasound, I was a person the weeks leading up to my delivery. Whether or not my mom chose to recognize me, her daughter was there, growing and maturing inside of her. If my mother had exercised her "right to choose" that day, she would have had society's complete approval. She had the approval of the masses to order and carry out my execution, all without judgment. I would be dead, a life lost, and very few, if any would care.

So keep fighting the good fight, Mother Laura! Keep using your voice to speak on behalf of those who cannot yet speak. Continue to influence your callers to do the right thing, which is not always the most convenient thing--to protect THE PERSON who is still in the womb, no matter what the personal cost may be.

With lots of love and respect,


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