You Are Right
August 28, 2019
You Are Right

I am happy to report that my husband of 36 years and I do most of the things you recommend! We also do something else which I think is important: we tell each other "You are right".

For issues large or small, personal or casual, if one convinces the other or if events play out that favor one position over the other, we never hesitate to give credit where appropriate. Occasionally we have done this in front of family or friends, much to the horror of some. Men say "Don't tell her she's right; you will never hear the end of it!". Women say, "I would never admit that my husband is right."

We have developed a little back and forth to ward off comments.

It goes like this:

Me: You're right! *Pause a beat* Would you like to hear that again?
Husband: Yes, please.
Me: You're right. Again?
Husband: Just once more, please.
Me: You're right.
Husband: Thank you! Big smiles at each other.

Stuns observers into silence every time.


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM