Yet Another Child's Response From a Broken Family
January 7, 2013
Yet Another Child's Response From a Broken Family

Hi Dr. Laura,

In short, I have a childhood friend who has 3 kids under 7 who chose to leave her husband to pursue her own happiness with a sorority sister's husband. She chose her own happiness to move her kids out of state to be with her now new husband.

The kids are left to travel to see their father during the summer and holidays, and then return to a new state to live with her and attend their new "unfamiliar life and school.

Here is a short and (not so sweet) comment she stated on Facebook today which only proves your point on what happens when you break up the family for your own happiness and not think about the consequences your children will face:

"Tough night. Kids came home and are really torn up about leaving their Daddy. He's the fun, cool dad and I'm the one they have most of the time. I'm the bad guy. Breaks my heart to see them struggle. :("

Sorry former childhood friend but you ARE the bad guy and shame on you for putting your kids through this.

Thank you Dr. Laura for helping us do the right thing and being strong enough to be the voice in stating your opinions that many are thinking but are too afraid to say.


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