Learning to 'Think Like a Man'
July 9, 2013
Learning to 'Think Like a Man'

Hi Dr. Laura,

I was listening to another SiriusXM satellite station when the host asked people to call in to find out what they were giving their husbands and fathers for Father's Day.

One woman said she was taking her dad to the botanical gardens and then lunch. Another said she was putting together a scrapbook for her husband. A third said she was making a coupon book for hugs and time to do a favorite activity away from home.

While these were all thoughtful ideas from women who clearly loved their men, I immediately thought about what you might say having been a listener to your show for many years. It seemed these women were pouring their loving hearts into giving the sort of thing THEY would want to receive, rather than giving something their MEN might enjoy more-

Then, I had it! I knew, after hearing you talk, and reading your books, that while these gifts were nice, the best thing I could get the wonderful fathers in MY life were tuned in to their unique desires and needs. I needed to 'think like a man'.

Recently, I was shooting with my husband when he mentioned how he wanted to practice. We were using cans for practice. We live on acreage. Well, I decided to get target stands and practice paper for both my DAD and my HUSBAND. I called the local sporting goods store and they had just two stands left. I asked them to save them for me!! Thinking like a man led me to the RIGHT gift for both of them- not very expensive and super fun for them!

In the early years of my marriage, I too made homemade cards and a scrapbook, and even did coupons. For some men these might be the perfect gifts. As for me, my husband graciously accepted them, but it's all about putting yourself in the other person's shoes and recognizing the difference in thinking.

Thank you for helping me 'think like a man'!!



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