Precious Memories
January 15, 2020
Precious Memories


The topic of working mothers and day care comes up a lot on your show, and I've finally decided to throw in my two cents. I'm not a mother yet, but I still have one, and all my childhood memories of her.

My father worked a low-paying job that barely brought in enough money for us to live on. Every month was a struggle to pay the bills and to keep my brother and me fed and clothed. For a brief time, we were even on food stamps. But you know what? That's not what comes to mind when I think of my childhood.

I remember coming home from school to find Mom had cut up apples and carrots for our snack. I remember rainy days where she would help us set up blanket tents in the living room and play our favorite music. I remember her taking the time to homeschool me, and my grades improved drastically because of her efforts. I remember her once trying to take on a part-time job, but after I became sick at school and she was unable to come pick me up, she put in her two weeks' notice.

No, we didn't live in luxury, and we didn't have a lot of financial advantages. When Mom was working part-time, we had a little extra money to spend, but it wasn't the same as knowing she would be there whenever we needed her. My most precious memories aren't of a babysitter or day care.... they're of Mom.


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