The Benefits of Being Healthy
October 10, 2018
The Benefits of Being Healthy

Dear Dr. Laura:

I've been listening to you for decades. I am my husband's girlfriend and my triplets' mom.  At 65, I was feeling tired and out of shape.  I've always loved hearing about your fitness regimen but kept putting off doing anything myself.  I finally decided to get off my butt, so earlier this year I enrolled in Lagree Pilates.  It's a challenging program, and one session leaves you sweating and shaking.  The instructors encourage you and push you to be your best.

I've been going for nine months now, and the benefits go far beyond what I imagined they would be.  I am strong and lean and wear the same size I wore in my twenties and thirties.  But there is also a mental and emotional difference.  I am less stressed and anxious.  I feel happier and more energetic.  I'm more confident because if you can do what your instructors tell you to do, you can do ANYTHING.  

Since my classes are at 7 AM, I've also had to become more efficient at work AND at home (our kids are grown adults and out of the house).  I'm sure you know all about this because you stick to a fitness regime yourself.  You are my inspiration and role model!


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