Children and Extra-Curricular Activities
February 27, 2013
Children and Extra-Curricular Activities

Dr. Laura,

I was so happy to hear your call of the day from Melissa where you addressed her concerns and guilt regarding limiting her children's extra-curricular activities. I listened to the first portion of the call twice, just to hear you say - You are doing the right thing! This is something I too struggle with as I usually prefer for my children to have down time after school and play outside, followed by a relaxing dinner. It is hard not to feel as though our children need something more when other children are experiencing a wide variety of continual after-school activities. Sometimes it is nice to hear you are doing the right thing, even when you know darn well you already are.

This topic will become even more pressing and concerning to parents as summer approaches and the familiar question is asked - what are your children signed up for this summer?

Thank you!


Posted by Staff at 9:39 AM