She Didn't Always Listen to Me
December 5, 2017
She Didn't Always Listen to Me

Whether you realize it or not, you have helped me raise my daughter. She is 23 and over the years we have listened to hours of your shows together. As a mother, I know there is only so much she will hear from me so it helped to know she was listening to good, solid advice from you. There were times she didn't always make the best choices and I remember thinking, "I realize you can ignore me, but Dr. Laura???"

I am happy to say she recently married a wonderful young man who just graduated from the air force academy and will be starting flight training soon in Texas. I received an email from her I thought you might enjoy. She starts it by referring to a recent source of contention about phone calls.

She writes: Since our last call things have continued to go pretty smoothly. I've had to put my pride away a few times already (surprising?) and realize choose to be a wife over being right about some stupid little thing that I won't remember in 20 minutes. In those moments I thought of both you and Dr. Laura cheering me on for making the right choice. While, I haven't gotten to writing her about it, I did want to shoot you a little thank you for being the kind of wife to Dad who didn't hand down a zillion excuses for me to not date my husband. Instead, you handed down a zillion reminders that it is best to put my entitled feelings aside and thank my husband for being the kind of man who deserves a loving wife.  Love you!

You must hear from a lot of people how much you have impacted their lives for the better but I wanted you to know I will always appreciate all that you have done for so many but especially my girl.

God bless,


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